Saturday, June 27, 2009

Four wheeling through the ferns

Spencer sold his 69 Charger and bought a few four wheelers. He has been begging me to go and I figured that no heart issue or whatever is wrong should keep me at home all the time so I decided to go this time. I have to say that I was pretty apprehensive about going and being a big failure (I still have a fear of looking like a fool in front of the man that I think is cute) but all in all it was a really fun time. The kids did great. It must be nice to be pretty much fearless. It was a nice place to go minus the giant ruts dug out by jeeps that we tried to go across. That is what ate my four wheeler. I crashed super hard trying to get across. I took a couple of pictures while we were out and I am not sure how I didn't get the camera wet when I crashed but I didn't. The picture of Spencer and Dylan with the mud tracks behind them is right before I crashed and right where I crashed. I was told that it was "awesome" I guess I can take that. I have reluctantly added a photo of myself covered in mud. I hate this picture and it is certainly going to make me hit the gym harder on monday (if I can move!) I sware I have lost 15 pounds :) Enjoy the photo of my leg. That is the mark of the handle bars. May I suggest not having the handle bars on your leg.

Rare find at the Zoo

We were in the reptile house and people kept leaving trash so Doug labeled something as if it was an exhibit. Leave it to Doug!

The National Zoo

When my family (minus Barbie :( ) was here we made a trip to the National Zoo. I love this zoo. No other zoo can beat it I think. We had a great time. Claire and Leilani and mom (nana) and Uncle Doug and Aunt Brianne were there. It was a lot of fun. The kids were eaten by dinosaurs and Doug gave Dylan a ride on his shoulders and then he got a ride from Dylan in return. We had so much fun spending time with our family. Thanks to Bret and Stacey for getting married :)

Dylan's field trip

A few weeks ago I went on a field trip with Dylan's class. We went to Hershey Zoo America and Chocolate World. It was fun spending time with him. The bus ride was one that I will never forget...I was bounced all over and then the bus driver started going 90 to get home on time. It was a riot. Dylan was too short for the lookout at the zoo and he had to hang on it. We had fun.